Before being called Berlin Ritz the band was known as Berlin and then Ritz. Because there were other bands operating under the same names at the time and being fed up with trying to resolve the band name issue it was decided to call ourselves Berlin Ritz because the thinking was that there was unlikely to be a band with that name.

Berlin recorded three tracks in 1978 and Ritz another three tracks during 1979. Berlin Ritz was formed by Graham Smith (Lead vocals), Harry Spooner (Lead Guitar) and Ian Davey (Bass Guitar) in 1979 and was joined by Marcus Foakes (Drums) shortly after its formation.

Berlin Ritz formed Big Muff Records in 1979 and in 1980 Graham and Harry started Buckingham Music to handle their compositions. There was a three year songwriters publishing contract with Peterman Music which was a subsidiary of the larger organization, Carlin Music which handled Berlin Ritz’ single Crazy Nights/You’re Where I belong released in March 1980.  

The band has gigged around London and East Anglia, England from 1979 to date with various personnel changes along the way. Berlin Ritz has always had Harry Spooner in it with either new or past members of the band included in the line up and the band continues to do gigs, writing new songs and producing albums today.

The band currently comprises the following line up: Del Stoton (lead vocals) Harry Spooner (guitar and vocals) Pete Taylor (bass guitar and vocals) Stephen "Cupsey" Cutmore (drums).