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  Single: [1980] [limited stock]


Crazy Nights (Spooner)/You're Where I Belong (G Smith/H Spooner)
(Big Muff Records BM 001 1980)
45 rpm 7" vinyl single released in March 1980

  CDR: "Crazy Nights" [1980]


Track listing:
Crazy Nights (Spooner) [BM001]
You're Where I Belong (G Smith/H Spooner) [BM002]
Come On (Spooner) [BM003A]
Straight Ahead (G Smith/H Spooner) [BM003B]
Love is the Strangest Thing (G Smith/H Spooner)
(Big Muff Records BM 004 1980)
CD includes second single Come On/Straight Ahead (BM003) recorded March 1980 which was never formally released at the time. 

    'Berlin' CDR: "High Flyer" [1978]

         Track Listing:
         Be With You Tonight (Spooner)
         Crazy Nights (Spooner)
         High Flyer (Spooner)

   'Ritz' CDR: "Keep Dancing" [1979]

Track listing:
Love 'Till the Day I Die (Spooner)
Good After Bad (Spooner)
Keep Dancing (Spooner)
Berlin Ritz CDR: Hoochie Coochie Man [1982][Temporarily unavailable]
Track listing:
Hoochie Coochie Man
Summertime Blues
Good After Bad (Spooner)
Route 66
Just a Little Bit
Love You 'till The Day I Die (Spooner) 

  CDR: "De Ja Vu" [1986]

Track listing:
Devil's Daughter (Spooner)
Gotta Be Me (Spooner)
De Ja Vu (Page/Spooner)
[Stephen (Cupsy) Cutmore - Drums (Tracks 1 & 2)
[Marcus Foakes - Drums (track 3)]


CDR: "Peaceful Dreams" [1988]

Track listing:
Tell Me (Page/ Spooner)
Jane Marie (Page/ Spooner)
Peaceful Dreams (Page/ Spooner)
When You're Down (Page/ Spooner)
River of Peace (Page/ Spooner)

  CDR: "Shine" [1991]

Track listing:
Let It Shine (Page/Spooner)
Princess of Deception (Page/ Spooner)
What Ever Happened To Baby Jane (Page/ Spooner)

  CDR: "You" [1992]

Track listing:
You (Harrison/Spooner)
Holes (Harrison/ Spooner)
High School Tease (Harrison/ Spooner)

  CDR: "Slow Down" [2000]

Track listing:
The Greatest Show (Page/ Spooner)
Have I Seen You Before (Page/ Spooner)
Let Me Slow Down (Page/ Spooner)
Control Freak (Page/ Spooner)
Dreaming (Page/ Spooner)
Reason To Jump (Page/ Spooner)
  CDR: "Free Now" [2001]
Track listing:
Crazy Feelin' (Smith/Spooner)
Free Now (Smith/ Spooner)


  CDR: "Enough Is Never Enough" [2002]


Track listing:
Enough Is Never Enough (Spooner)
Come On (Spooner)
(Big Muff Records BM 105 2002)

CD includes rework of 1980 unreleased single Come On (BM003) which was never formally released at the time.
Reissued 2003 (Big Muff Records BM 107 2003) with Stephen "Cupsy" Cutmore on drums track 2 "Come On".


CDR: "1978 - 2002" [2003]

Double CDR (33 tracks)

Track listing:
Selection of tracks from 1978 - 2002 from "High Flyer" to "Enough Is Never Enough"

"Living On The Edge" CD [2003]

(note: CD not CDR)

Track listing:
Living On The Edge
What About You
Come On
Just Another Day
Another Chance
Roller Coaster
Lazy Man
Get Me Off This Ride
Enough Is Never Enough
All tracks written by H Spooner.


  "The Berlin Dog" CD [2006]

Track listing:
Finger On The Pulse
Catalogue Girl
Ordinary Guy
Hey Momma
Out Of My Head At Ali's
All In You
Jetting Out With The Boys
A Secret Glimpse
Ring The Changes
Close To You
Missing You
It Stars With A Feeling
You Take My Breath Away
All tracks written by H Spooner and D Stoton
except: Hey Momma (Spooner/Taylor)
and Close To You (Cutmore/Spooner)


  "Shot To Pieces" CD [2008]
Track listing:
Dangerous and Toxic (3:28)
Shot To Pieces (3:34)
Sudden Change of Heart (4:04)
Crazy Love (2:54)
Friendship (3:41)
Heat (3:31)
Wild Child (3:34)
Deadman's Coat (2:23)
Berlin Dog (2:32)
Innocents (3:57)
My Song (4:10)
Sudden Change of Heart-reprise (2:50)
All tracks written by H Spooner and D Stoton

  "Politics Sucks" CD [2012]

Track listing:"
1. Temirity To Lie (1:41)
2. How Am I Supposed To Live (4:29)
3. Be Home Soon (4:55)
4. Those Wasted Years (1:02)
5. Gone Not Forgotten (4:14)
6. Now Cometh The Hour (!:05)
7. Trump Card (4:35)
8. Innocents (3:59)
9. A Hopeless Quest (1:23)
10. Too Little Too Late (5:08)
11 Prison Life (4:38)
12. Let's Get Around (4:05)
13. Happy Slapping (3:56)
14 They've Got Jobs (0:59)
15. Ain't Got No Work (3:37)
16. Where Do We Go (0:57)
17. Come On In (3:25)
18. Speed Camera Blues (3:23)
19. Take Me Down (1:49)
20. Shame Shame Shame (7:21)
21. Health and Safety: The Boyfriend (3:06)
22. Health and Safety: The Girlfriend (4:03)
Total running time 74:32 minutes
All tracks written by H Spooner and D Stoton


"Immigrant" CD [2015]

1. Nothing To Hide (4:09)
2. The Pain (3.43)
3. Secrets (4:25)
4. Heaven Sent (4:42)
5. Hell Bent (4.14)
6. Fragile Life (4:35)
7. You’re My World (3:45)
8. Christmas Time Again (5:12)
9. World of My Own (3:29)
10. Shattered Young Existence (6:02)
11. Immigrant (8:43)

        Genetic Defect
        Life’s A Bitch
        Love From A Distance

Total running time: 52:59

Mastered by Jon Astley