This page is dedicated to the group known as Child's Play which later became Thor.

‘Child’s Play’ were formed in April 1968 with the line up George Linwood on vocals, Harry Spooner on guitar, Colin (Fox) Ford on bass and Pete Sullivan on drums. In June 1968 the band was approached by Keith Dangerfield and were asked to help him with writing and recording a single which they did so later that month. After the recording Pete left to carry on with Keith and Terry McInerney joined Child’s Play on drums. With this line up the band went on to gig round London and the suburbs through to February 1969. At this point George and Colin left to be replaced by Ian Smith on vocals and Kelvin Hardman on bass.
By April 1969 Terry McInerney had left and Terry Simms came in on drums with Ronnie Bending on bass occasionally.

By the time June 1969 arrived the band fell apart and reformed with George Linwood on vocals, Harry Spooner on guitar, Kelvin Hardman on bass and Terry McInerney on Drums. The band renamed themselves ‘Thor’ and carried on for the next two years until May 1971 when the band split and went their separate ways.

Wind forward to 2018 and five of the original members of Child’s Play/Thor being Colin (Fox) Ford, Harry Spooner, Terry McInerney, Kelvin Hardman and George Linwood have come together to write and record an album.

Just a 50 year (ish) gap!!

The album is titled "Candle" and includes 10 tracks. CDs are available to purchase on this Berlin Ritz shopping cart.